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Does the Mobile App use a lot of battery?
Posted by Aleks Mladenovic on 23 July 2012 10:09 AM

This is debatable.  The mobile app is on consistently and is sending data every 2 minutes.  This in itself does not use too much battery, However the app needs to ask your device for the current location.  This is achieved by using the GPS feature of your phone / tablet.  This unfortunately does use a lot of battery as it is constantly asking satelites for your current co-ordintaes.  As a result you will find that the app INDIRECTLY uses quite a bit of battery power.  It is important to note that the screen is responsisble for using most of the battery - up to 70%.

We advise you obtain a good quality in car charger to ensure you constantly have battery life.  SOme cheaper chargers cannot charge your device quick enough and as a result it appears your device is not charging at all.

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