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How are Loads matched?
Posted by Aleks Mladenovic on 23 July 2012 10:12 AM

Home Notifications

Every subscription is required to set their 'Home' area and specify a radius around your home location.  If a load is posted within this area and is within your vehicle range you will be notified of the load

Tracking (Live) Notifications

If you have the mobile app and tracking turned 'on' when a load is posted and are within the radius the poster of the load has specified (and of course have the right sized vehicle) you will be notified.  You have the option to turn 'live' notifications on or off on themobile app.

Return Journey (Predictive) Matching

When you register a return journey the system works out the most direct route.  Based on average speed (about 55mph) it predicts where you will be at any given time during the journey.  Should a load need collection at the time the system predicts you will be in the area, you will receive a notification. 

If you are an Owner Driver home notifications will be automatically turned off if you have a return journey registered unless the system predicts you will be back in your home area in time for the collection.


Please note Tracking and Return Journey notifications are dealt with independently by the system, but CAN be used at the same time

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