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Posted by Aleks Mladenovic on 30 April 2013 08:47 AM

We have developed a very handy 'groups' feature that will allow you to add exchange members to a group e.g. 'Preferred small van drivers' or 'Subbies Colchester'.  This will allow you to create a 'virtual fleet' so that you can quickly locate all members of the group. 


This feature allows you to create groups of specific members so you can quickly locate them by checking the box next to the group name


Adding a group

Click the blue add / edit group text at the bottom of the group block.  This will activate the group block into 'edit' mode

Click the Add Group button

Apply a name for this group

Add members to the group by searching for their Member name or ID number.  As you type suggestions will be returned.  Click on the member name to select it from the suggestions and then click the green 'Add to Group' button to add them to the group.

You can also select drivers, Sub-contractors and vehicles from the dropdwns to add to the group

Continue adding members until your group criteria is met

Click the green save button to save the group


Editing a group

Whilst in 'edit' mode, click on the pencil icon next to the group you want to edit

You can now change the name of the group, add or delete members

Click save to save changes


Deleting a group

Whilst in edit mode, click on the red cross icon next to the group you wish to delete.  Confirm you wish to delete


Exit Edit mode

Click on the green 'Finish Editing' button to exit edit mode

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