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Add Journey
Posted by Aleks Mladenovic on 30 April 2013 09:02 AM

Add Journey

Adding a journey does two things.  It plots your journey and journey status on the journey map so that other members can manually match the journey and times with a load requirement they have. 

It also allows our matching system to match your journey with any appropriate loads along the route.


***IMPORTANT*** A vehicle can have more than one journey registered for it, HOWEVER it can only have one journey registered in any given time period. 

If the journey time overlaps with another journey registered for the same vehicle, the system will prompt you to either keep the original journey or overwrite it with the new journey


Regular Journey – Please read details about regular journeys below as it will make more sense

Driver & Vehicle (only applicable to companies with drivers and regular subbies) If you have drivers, vehicles and regular subbies entered in your profile then they will displayed in the drop down menu. 

If you select a regular subbie then the vehicle is automatically selected.

If you select a driver then another drop down will appear displaying your fleet of vehicles from which you need to select the one the driver is using

Depart – select the date and time the vehicle will be departing the ‘from’ location

ETA – enter the date and time you estimate the vehicle will be arriving at the ‘to’ location

Capacity Status – state whether the vehicle will be empty, fully loaded or that a co-load is possible.  This status will determine what colour your pin is on the journey map. And advise other members of your capacity

From – enter the ‘from’ location, as you type the system will return suggestions for towns/cities – click on the correct one to select it

To – enter the ‘to’ location, as you type the system will return suggestions for towns/cities – click on the correct one to select it

Via - enter a ‘via’ location to force the system to pick a particular route (if there is more than one possible route).  As you type the system will return suggestions for towns/cities – click on the correct one to select it

Load Weight Available – enter the load weight this vehicle can carry on this journey

Pallet Space Available – enter how many pallets this vehicle can carry on this journey

Notes – enter any notes you deem applicable for this journey


Regular Journey – Checking this box will present more options on the form which will allow you to register re-occurring journeys without having to register a journey every time it occurs.  The journey must be from and to the same locations and occur at the same time on the days selected for this to be effective.

Additional fields for Regular Journeys:

 Repeats – select the days of the week the journey will occur.

Keep live until – this allows you to select the period of time you want this journey to repeat.  There is a limit of 90 days to ensure that the system is not over populated with journeys that are no longer relevant


Journey Visibility (companies)  – When a journey has been registered for one of your drivers / regular subbies, other members will see your journeys under your company name and ID number.  The contact telephone number will be your main contact number. 

When you are viewing your own journeys, you will see the actual name of the driver / regular subbie

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