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Interactive Map
Posted by Aleks Mladenovic on 12 December 2007 02:56 PM

This development is totally unique to the Exchanges

It allows members to view both Loads and Return Journeys as they are posted.
The icons show the direction of travel, and each icon can be expanded to show the details of the particular entry.

Here is a summary of features:

  • View UK Loads as they are posted(max 90 second delay)
  • View UK Return Journeys
  • Zoom into the map down to street level
  • See details about each load or journey by clicking on the journey icon
  • New loads (less than 10 minutes old) are displayed in Green
  • If there is more than one load or journey starting from the same area e.g. B1 a star icon will be displayed with the number of loads
  • Search for loads or journeys in a specific area either by clicking on the map, or by entering the location or postcode
  • Search for loads or journeys along a specified route - the results will be displayed in their order of relevance
  • Zoom into key UK areas such as the M25, Heathrow, West Midlands, North-west and M8 corridor by using pre-defined buttons on the edge of the map page
  • Use the filters to determine which vehicle types you see and which days results are displayed on the map
  • You can drag the map around the page, and re-centre the map by clicking the 'Home' button
  • The map automatically re-centres for each new search
  • Add useful points of interest, such as the motorway junctions, airports and ports so that you can see how these locations relate to the loads or journeys that you are interested in looking at
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