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Add a Regular Subbie
Posted by Aleks Mladenovic on 30 April 2013 09:45 AM

Enter Regular Subbie’s Email Address or Phone

Enter the email address or phone number of the sub-contractor you wish to add to your account.

The system will check whether this sub-contractor already has an Exchange account or is a sub-contractor for another member. 

If the system finds these details already associated to someone, you will NOT be able to add this person as sub-contractor on your account.


Regular Subbie Profile

Each Regular Sub-contractor you add to your account, will have a profile page which will detail many things about this particular subbie.

If you are adding a new sub-contractor to your account, then you will be required to fill in the profile form.  Required fields are indicated by a red star

IMPORTANT this data is for your use only, it is not visible to other members unless stated


Regular Subbie Details

This is the main section of the subbie’s profile.  This section includes the following:

First Name – The subbie’s first name

Last Name – The subbie’s surname

IMPORTANT - The first name and last name fields are used to create your internal reference for this subbie, so please use something appropriate if you want to identify the subbie by anything other than their name.

The external reference will always be that of your company name or trading name

Country – the subbie’s country of residence

County – the subbie’s county of residence

Time Zone – the subbie’s local Time Zone

Address – the subbie’s address

Phone 1 – the subbie’s main telephone number

Phone 2 – the subbies’ secondary phone number

Email – the subbie’s email address

Home location – the subbie’s home town location.  Allows you to quickly establish where the subbie is heading to if a journey is registered as ‘Going Home’ or where the subbie is coming from if the subbie states they are at home


Trading Details

Business Name – Enter the subbie’s legal business name if they have one

Name (what others can see) – this will always be your company name as the subbie is representing you

Internal Name - The first name and last name fields are used to create your internal reference for this subbie, so please use something appropriate if you want to identify the subbie by anything other than their name.

Company Registration Number – enter the subbie’s company registration number if they have one

VAT Number – Enter the subbie’s VAT number if they have one

Operator’s Licence – Enter the subbie’s O’licence number if they operate a vehicle larger than 7.5T


Vehicle Details

A sub-contractor must have his own vehicle.  If he doesn’t and uses one of your company’s vehicles, then register them as a Company Driver

Vehicle Reference (what others can see) – enter a reference you wish to be visible to other members that will allow them to quickly identify the vehicle they are referring to

Internal Reference (what you can see) – enter a reference that is only visible to your users to identify this subbie’s vehicle

VIN – if you want to keep an accurate record of the Vehicle’s Identification Number – you can enter it here

Size – enter the size of the subbie’s vehicle

Body Type – enter the body type of the subbie’s vehicle

Extras (tick boxes) – tick any combination of extra’s the subbie’s vehicle has

Note – The vehicle size and body type (plus location) are used to match loads with the correct type of vehicle.  This helps when another member is looking for a specific type of vehicle e.g. a Luton with Tail/lift

Make & Model – enter the make and model of the subbie’s vehicle (internal use)

Year of registration – enter the year of registration for the subbie’s vehicle

Loading Capacity – enter the INTERNAL loading capacity of the subbies vehicle using:

ft3 or M3


Length, Width, Height in; metres, centimetres or inches

Maximum Weight – enter the maximum LOAD weight the subbie’s vehicle can carry – NOT the weight of the vehicle

Mobile Account

In order to track your subbie on the Live Availabilty Map, see their status of availability, allow your subbie to register journeys, update their job status including POD entry, and generate Pro-Alerts, you will need to subscribe your subbie to the mobile app.


The mobile app is available for Android and iPhone devices. 

Please go to:

Play Store (Android)

App Store (iPhone)

and search for ‘courier exchange’.  Download and install the app.


Select which level of mobile subscription to assign for your regular sub-contractors.  

Standard – Allows you to see your subbie on the maps

Plus – Allows all other members to see your subbie on the maps


You have one FREE mobile account you can apply to any of your regular subbies or company drivers.  Any additional mobile accounts will incur an additional fee.  Please see the subscriptions section for latest prices

Username – Enter a username your subbie will use to access the mobile app

Password – enter the password your subbie will use to access the mobile app


Alternate Vehicle

The system allows a subbie to have an alternate vehicle – ONLY ONE VEHICLE CAN BE USED AT ANY GIVEN TIME


Contact Details

This section confirms what contact details are displayed to other members

If your subscription allows departments to be set up, then you can select the department this subbie belongs to.  If the department details are changed, then contact details for all subbies in this department are changed automatically

If your subscription does not include departments, then the main telephone number and email address for your company (as stated in your business profile) will be used


Specialist Services

Select which Specialist Services your subbie can / is qualified to do:

  • 2 Man
  • 24 Hour
  • ADR
  • DSGA
  • Haz-Chem
  • High Security
  • Installation & Swapout
  • Level A / B Aviation
  • Refrigerated / Chilled
  • Removals
  • Waste Carrier
  • WEEE



This section allows you to control some of the parameters that will determine whether your subbie is matched for loads posted on the system

Notification Radius – This value allows you to set the radius around your subbie’s current location to determine if a load is relevant for this subbie.  If the load is within this radius and within the subbie’s vehicle range, then a load notification will be sent to your company controller to decide whether you want to bid for the job. 

The notification clearly states which subbie’s location has generated this notification

Minimum Vehicle Size – The subbie’s actual vehicle will determine the maximum size vehile that will be considered by the system when matching loads.  This option allows ypu to set the lower end of this range

e.g. if you set the minimum vehicle size as XLWB, then you will not receive notifications where the poster of the load has stated that they need a vehicle which is smaller than a XLWB

SMS – enter the telephone number that you want load notifications and confirmations to be sent to

Email - enter the email address that you want load notifications and confirmations to be sent to



For loads posted by other members:

The controller will be notified


For loads and confirmations posted by your company:

The regular subbie will be notified directly

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