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Adding a Vehicle
Posted by Aleks Mladenovic on 30 April 2013 10:01 AM

Adding a Vehicle

The Exchange now requires you to register each vehicle you wish to submit Return Journeys for.  Your subscription will have a quota of vehicles you can add to your account.  You do not have to own the vehicle, the vehicle can be leased or hired, but must be registered to you.

Fill in the vehicle profile and click ‘Save’ to add the vehicle to your fleet


Vehicle Details

Fill in the vehicle profile and click ‘Save’ to add the vehicle to your fleet

Vehicle Reference (what others can see) – enter a reference you wish to be visible to other members that will allow them to quickly identify the vehicle they are referring to

Internal Reference (what you can see) – enter a reference that is only visible to your users to identify this vehicle

VIN – if you want to keep an accurate record of the Vehicle’s Identification Number – you can enter it here

Size – select the size of the vehicle

Body Type – enter the body type of the vehicle

Extras (tick boxes) – tick any combination of extra’s the vehicle has

Note – The vehicle size and body type (plus location) are used to match loads with the correct type of vehicle.  This helps when another member is looking for a specific type of vehicle e.g. a Luton with Tail/lift

Make & Model – enter the make and model of the vehicle (internal use)

Year of registration – enter the year of registration for the vehicle

Loading Capacity – enter the INTERNAL loading capacity of the vehicle using:

ft3 or M3


Length, Width, Height in; metres, centimetres or inches

Maximum Weight – enter the maximum LOAD weight the vehicle can carry – NOT the weight of the vehicle
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