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Bidding for a Load
Posted by Aleks Mladenovic on 18 December 2007 03:42 PM



Now that you have received a notification, whether from a local or return point of view - if you like the look of a job, you need to work out the mileage first of all, apply your rate to it and call the member.  You need to be quick off the mark, as there are potentially quite a few members going for that job.



Say 'Hi this is ......... calling from ........, ID number ......, I have seen that job from A to B, and I can do it for X amount, I can be there in 10 - 20 minutes or however long it takes you to get there'.


You do not need to give too much more info than this unless they engage you in a conversation.  There is a time and a place to promote yourself this is generally not it - this should be done beforehand.



The other member will consider a number of things before offering a job.  They will obviously consider the price.  They will also look at how you come across on the phone, if it appears that you do not know what you are doing then they are unlikely to offer you the job.  They will also consider the length of time it takes you to get there.  In addition to all of this and I am sure you will appreciate this - is that MOST people, generally, prefer to work with people they know, rather than people they don't.  It is no different on the exchange, but, the beauty about the exchange is that it is a small community and everyone on here is on here for a reason and that is to get work from it or to get work covered by other members.  This community is how and why the exchange works and why we have been here for over 8 years.  Members are usually more accommodating to other members so get involved and get to know other members in your local area so that when they place a GTM, you have a much better chance of winning the job because they know who you are.  In order to take advantage of this you need to use the directory to get to know the members in your local area.

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