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Feedback System Best Practice
Posted by Aleks Mladenovic on 14 November 2008 02:39 PM
The feedback system is a window into how any given member of the exchange conducts their business whilst working with other members of the exchange.

When someone has done a good job for you or you have been paid on time, then you are invited to give praise where praise is due. You are welcome to leave an honest opinion about anyone you have worked with. We often forget to leave good comments, but it helps to build rapport, improve relations and build a positive image of both companies.  If others are saying good things about the way you have performed or that you are committed to paying sub-contractors on time, then you are opening the opportunity for repeat and potentially new business from others on the exchange.

Regardless of whether you are the contractor or sub-contractor, if you feel that the service provided by another member is not what was agreed or what could be reasonably accepted as standard practice in the industry and /or  in normal trading, then you may reserve you right to leave a negative comment about that member.  Sometimes it is tempting to say what you really think, but please try not to be abusive as this may reflect badly on you and have the opposite effect! 

If you feel that it is more serious and you want to submit your comments as a 'formal complaint' against the other party. Then please take note of the following:

We will only mediate if all your attempts to resolve the issue yourself have not succeeded.

Complaints can ONLY be accepted if submitted through the feedback system with supporting evidence (not accusations).

Feedback can only be left against a job confirmed through the system.

They are always dealt with in confidence, with discretion, respect for all parties, diplomacy and not forgetting that you are innocent until proven guilty.

VERY Important - We do not claim to have any legal standing, but will take action based on our internal guidelines and on occasion with guidance from within the community. We are not here to be big brother, we are here to try and create the best possible, professional, business environment for you to trade in. If you wish to build a good reputation within the industry, then do what is reasonably necessary to fulfil your side of the deal – easy as that!

Feedback is there for you to make your own "informed" decision as to whether you want to work with any particular member based on the opinions of other members. It is not a recommendation or affidavit by The Transport Exchange Group.
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